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Professional Translator Since 1985

"I try to go above and beyond standard service when I work with clients. I like to build strong business connections, and it's important for me to keep asking questions so that I can really understand the ideas behind the words and also your goals for it. I've got over 25 years of experience, but there's always something new to learn, and that keeps my work hands-on and professional. If you need me outside of office hours, that's usually not a problem, and it means I can meet tight deadlines when you need me to."

Judy Copeland

The ability to translate from Hebrew to English is a skill that is highly in demand. Even though most people speak and understand English, they are not capable of translating English to Hebrew, or translating Hebrew to English. This is why you should choose a professional translator thereby turning Hebrew to English translations into a simple matter, performed smoothly and perfectly.

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Business documents
  • Legal documents
  • Marketing texts
  • Scientific texts
  • Literary translation

Why use my Hebrew to English Translation Services?

Translation is never a simple process. It is an art and a science which requires a great deal of professionalism and experience. Even if you don’t notice the difference between one translation and another, it is important to understand that your target audience will notice it very easily.

English Editing

When it comes to writing in a different language, it can be very difficult to express yourself properly. I provide a second pair of eyes and not only spot mistakes you may have missed, but also enhance your English writing so that it conveys your ideas in a compelling manner

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