What my clients say about me

"I appreciate the quality of work which Judy provided to us. We are thankful for the detailed work and dedication towards executing our editing project in a successful way. She provided a quick turnaround time on the work which we greatly appreciated, as well as charging a reasonable fee.  Judy's patience and attention to detail are valued skills rarely found today. She was professional, responsive and friendly to work with. I will be happy to use Judy in the future for any editing needs."

Oren Mass

Rubin Mass Ltd., Publishers and Booksellers 
Exporters of ALL Israeli books and periodicals 
POBox 990, Jerusalem 9100901, Israel 

"I am proud to recommend Judy. I worked with Judy whilst writing my doctoral thesis. Judy helped mainly with English language editing but also at times with some translation. My experience of working with Judy was an experience of partnership, Judy was very attentive and sensitive to my needs and wishes and would diplomatically offer excellent solutions and suggestions that greatly helped me to write the research. The area of my research, as with most researchers, is very specific and is not necessarily within Judy's field of expertise. However, with her sensitive work, she succeeded in getting the text to a remarkable level of professionalism, to my full satisfaction.

In our work together, I felt that Judy was always available, I always felt comfortable consulting with her and more importantly, I always received a professional and satisfactory response.

I have recommended Judy's services to many of my colleagues and continue to recommend her to any interested party.

Judy dear, a big thank you."

Dr. Orit Eldar

Past Head of the Nursing Assistants Department, Emek Yezreel College

Judy Copeland was highly recommended to me to edit and proofread my academic book: The Book of Samuel: Studies in History, Historiography, Theology and Poetics Combined (Jerusalem: Rubin Mass; 561 pp.). During our work on the project, I found Judy to be indeed professional, friendly, patient and dedicated, as well as affordable. She cares about the work she does and is prepared to put in the extra time at non-conventional hours. I was confident that she had the experience and knowledge I needed for editing my book. I have every intention of employing her on future projects, and I would highly recommend her to my colleagues.

Professor Moshe Garsiel, 

Department of Bible Bar-Ilan University Ramat Gan 52900 Israel

"Dear Judy

I want to express my thanks and appreciation for your work with me over the past two years. From the first time that I contacted you, you responded politely, courteously and pleasantly. The translation and editing services that I received for the articles that I was looking to publish were of an excellent standard and speedy in execution. As a senior lecturer in the Emek Yezreel College I plan to continue to hire your services over the next few years, and I wish you success."

Dr. Yaffa Haron

Senior Lecturer – Depts of Nursing Aides and Administration of Health Systems (Masters Degree)

Emek Yezreel College

"Judy helped me in the final stages of the translation of my thesis. She brought to the table a lot of knowledge and authority about the written work, regarding the content, the styling and most certainly the language. As far as I was concerned, as the writer of the work itself, having created it, I trusted her and her professional expertise in the styling of the writing and the quality of the translation, and this proved itself in the success of the writing of my doctorate.

I would like to add that Judy was always there for me when I needed her, we spoke tirelessly and at length on the phone, sometimes for hours into the night, discussing the smallest detail, and she did not stop until she had understood exactly the meaning of the written text, and this continued until the conclusion of the work.

I do not write these words lightly. There is no doubt in my mind that Judy will be helping me with any future article that I write, with the intelligence and professionalism that I have got used to from her."

Dr. Yehudit Shefi

"Dear Judy

I would like to thank you for your professional and thorough work in translating the article I wrote. Your seriousness, courtesy, and commitment to professional and accurate translation stood out throughout our collaborative work.

I thank you very much and know that I will ask you to translate the next article.

Thank you,"

Adva Zilberstein-Haham, PhD

Head of the Department of Special Education Studies

Ohalo College, Katzrin