English Language Editing - When it comes to writing in a different language, it can be very difficult to express yourself properly. I provide a second pair of eyes and not only spot mistakes you may have missed, but also enhance your English writing so that it conveys your ideas in a compelling manner. I provide professional English language editing services for professors, lecturers, post-doctoral researchers, research students and business customers.

Book Translation - Book translation is an area of expertise that needs to be carried out only by professionals. My book translation services are provided considering your specific needs.

Article Translation - Translating an article into another language is not an easy task, because in order to achieve a quality translation you must have a very rich vocabulary. Furthermore, you also have to know how to translate a word – or translate a phrase – while considering the wider context in which it appears. 

Primary Source Translation - diaries, letters, speeches, autobiographies, official records (government reports, transcripts, court records, death certificates, etc.), contemporary news reports (newspapers, telecasts, radio addresses, etc.).

Literary Translations - Literary translation is of huge importance. It helps to shape our understanding of the world around us in many ways. Reading Homer and Sophocles as part of a classical education in school helps to build an understanding of history, politics, philosophy and so much more. Meanwhile, reading contemporary translations provides fascinating insights into life in other cultures and other countries. In a fast-paced world so rife with misunderstanding and confusion, such efforts to share knowledge and experiences across cultural boundaries should be applauded.

Personal Documents - I regularly translate personal documents, such as Birth Certificates, Marriage Certificates, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificates, school transcripts and many more.

Web Content - Translation is about converting a document from one language to another. Localization is a more in-depth process that seems to have been written specifically for the target audience. This can mean changing cultural, religious or political references, replacing images and even changing logos in some circumstances.

New Service

Do you need to fill in forms in Hebrew, including a request to a government office, for a license, the opening of an NGO, or a loan request? It can be a huge headache even if you understand what's involved - and it's easy to make a mistake or skip an important section in error.

We're experienced form-fillers and can help you fill out all the forms necessary for sending your request to the relevant body, thus saving you time and reducing your 

frustration. And all at a reasonable cost.

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                                          Work type Price in NIS
 Hebrew-English Translation per 250 words in target language 120-140
 English Editing per 250 words 60-80
 Proofreading per 250 words 45-65
Typing per 250 words   30 
 Translation Technical\Medical\Legal\Academic 20%-30% extra
 Minimum Charge 200

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This price list is a guideline. Prices can vary depending on urgency and specific requirements. A price quote can also be given based on an hourly rate or per project